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Cook AI fans are designed for higher efficiency than other axial units. AI, has more performance selections at a lower price point than other traditional axial medium pressure units.

  • High efficiency, heavy duty cast aluminum impeller
  • Multiple hub sizes, number of blades, and pitch selection from 5º to 45º, yields over 2700 different impeller combinations
  • Designed for supply, exhaust or return applications
  • Performance range 400-140,000 CFM and up to 5.5 in. w.g.
  • Size ranging from 31 to 160 (12.25” – 63” diameter)
  • Reversible flow available with specific blade combinations
  • Rated for smoke control applications
  • Vertical, horizontal, and curb mount options available
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LOREN COOK COMPANY certifies that the AI shown herein are licensed to bear the AMCA Seal. The ratings shown are based on tests and procedures performed in accordance with AMCA Publication 211 and comply with the requirements of the AMCA Certified Ratings Program.

AI is furnished standard with UL 705 & cUL 705 listing (Power Ventilator/ZACT) when furnished with factory supplied motor. AI is available with UL listing for "Power Ventilator for Smoke Control Systems".


Adjustable Pitch
Axial Fan
Direct Drive

Description: Fan shall be a tube axial, direct drive, high efficiency cast aluminum airfoil propeller fan.

Certifications: Fan shall be manufactured at an ISO 9001 certified facility. Fan shall be listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL705) and UL listed for Canada (cUL 705). For smoke control applications, fan shall be listed by Underwriters Laboratories (Power Ventilator for Smoke Control Systems) for US and Canada. Fan shall bear the AMCA certified ratings seal for air performance.

Construction: The fan shall be of bolted and welded construction utilizing corrosion resistant fasteners. The steel drum shall be continuous welded constructed of minimum 12 gauge steel with integral, pre-punched mounted flanges on both inlet and outlet. The fan shall have welded mounting brackets specified for either vertical or horizontal installation. Motor shall be mounted to rigid motor support welded to unit housing. Unit shall bear an engraved aluminum nameplate. Nameplate shall indicate design CFM and static pressure. Unit shall be shipped in ISTA certified transit tested packaging.

Coating: All steel fan components shall be Lorenized™ with an electrostatically applied, baked polyester powder coating. Each component shall be subject to a five stage environmentally friendly wash system, followed by a minimum 2 mil thick baked powder finish. Paint must exceed 1,000 hour salt spray under ASTM B117 test method.

Propeller: Propeller shall be high efficiency, heavy duty cast aluminum airfoil design with cast aluminum hub. The blade pitch shall be factory set and locked using set screws and roll pin. The hub shall be keyed and locked to the shaft utilizing a taper lock bushing. Propeller shall be balanced in accordance with AMCA Standard 204-05, Balance Quality and Vibration Levels for Fans.

Motor: Motor shall be heavy duty totally enclosed type with grease lubricated sealed ball bearings and furnished at the specified voltage, phase and enclosure. Motor shall be mounted to rigid motor support welded to unit housing.

Product: Fan shall be the AI as manufactured by Loren Cook Company of Springfield, Missouri.