Roof Mounted Centrifugal Upblast Exhaust Fan

Vari-Flow Controls

Tubular centrifugal roof exhauster, upblast, belt or direct drive, curb mount with butterfly damper doors. Available with aluminum backward incline wheel or welded steel backward incline wheel. Used in a variety of commercial and light industrial applications where the exhaust air needs to be directed up away from the building and the application requires a more robust unit compared to a typical spun aluminum unit.


  • Cast regreasable bearings (Belt drive)
  • Welded construction
  • Four-bolt motor plate for positive belt tensioning (Belt drive)
  • Integral butterfly dampers
  • Spark resistant construction available upon request
  • Direct drive available upon request


  • Housing Material: Steel
  • Finish: Lorenized ™
  • Ventilator Type: Fan
  • Impeller: Centrifugal
  • Bearings: L-50, 400,000 hours


  • Mounting: Roof (Curb Mount)
  • Drive Type: Direct Drive, Belt Drive
  • Motor: AC, PM
  • Max Operating Temp (Standard Construction): 180°F
  • Max Operating Temp (Alt. Construction): 300°F
  • Speed Control: VFD, Vari-Flow, SimpliDrive
  • Flow: Exhaust
Made in the USA