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Compute-A-Fan is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use fan-selection program. This tool gives point-and-click access to COOK's entire line of fans, blowers, gravity ventilators, energy recovery ventilators and laboratory exhaust systems. A comprehensive, cross-reference interface allows the user to select fans based upon the product specifications of any major manufacturer.

The tools menu also includes these proven timesavers: Fan Law Calculator, Duct Designer, Psychrometric Calculator, English-Metric Converter, Sound Converter, and Annual Energy Cost Estimator.

Cookware 10.0 is Windows 7, 8, and 10 compatable

Compute-A-Fan "Full" software includes:

  • COOK Fan selector
  • Fan Law Calculator
  • Duct Designer
  • Psychrometric Calculator
  • English-Metric Converter
  • Sound Converter
  • Annual Energy Cost Estimator
  • Plus the option to install
    • Revit Tools, used with Compute-A-Fan
    • FanDrafter 2D
    • Engineering Cookbook PDF
    • Catalog PDFs
    • Manual PDFs

An automatic update will provide you with the latest versions of everything.

Note: "Compute-A-Fan v10.0" includes all Cook downloads in one download. You may also download individual items below. Login is required before accessing design tools.

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Some of the new features and changes in version 10.0 - September 2018

Updated Products and Features
  • CA/CF blowers are now available in arrangement 4 and 8.
  • ACW's are now available with hurricane rating.
  • Curb Cap Adapters can now be selected to allow installation of fans on existing non-standard curbs.
  • 5 HP Permanent Magnet (PM) motors are now available in 208/230V.
  • Starting time calculations have been revised to reduce the need for oversized motors.
  • CPV (VF) direct drive vents set are now available in larger sizes - 165 to 210.
  • Orifice plate option has been added to the small AC and SQ products for low flow/high pressure applications.
  • CFMS - Cook Flow Monitoring System accessory works with the inlet piezometric ring to monitor and display fan airflow.
  • Plus over 235 other enhancements.

Revit models for each fan that have been saved to a Compute-A-Fan job file can be exported by selecting the "Export" menu and clicking "Export Revit Files and Schedule". This feature will export each model of fan that is contained in the job to a .zip file in the location of your choice. A text file of schedule information (CFM, SP, RPM, Volts, Amps, etc) is also included for use with Revit. Export the contents of the .zip file to your computer, leaving the .rfa and .txt files together. Now you are ready to load the .rfa model(s) into your open Revit project, using the standard "Load Family" feature.

Autodesk® Revit MEP® 2016

Autodesk Revit families are available for each model and configuration of LOREN COOK product. Each 3D parametric family is a full-scale representation with information on ducts, electrical connections, mounting holes and more.

Browse our online library of individual Revit files

FanDrafter 2d drawing

FanDrafter® 2D v3.0

FanDrafter 2D is a collection of CAD drawing files (templates) of every LOREN COOK COMPANY product, drawn to scale in every size. Each drawing includes multiple views drawn full scale for a particular size. FanDrafter is compatible with AutoCAD Release 2000® and later, and all other programs that can import AutoCAD R2000 DWG format files.

Download the FanDrafter 2D as part of the Compute-A-Fan package or as a stand-alone software
View the FanDrafter ReadMe file



COOK's Psychrometric Analysis software tool allows the user to electronically generate and print a custom, detailed, psychrometric chart. This program allows the user to enter state points and graph the process while calculating additional air properties.

Compute-A-Fan includes a basic Psychrometric calculator

Download Psychrometric Analysis Software to experience a more full-featured software

A printable psychrometric chart (in .pdf format) is also available for download.
It is available in pdf form


Smartphones and tablets have become the new toolboxes. Make sure you have the right tools in your toolbox.


CookTools is a new app providing a suite of simple-yet-powerful tools for the HVAC engineer, designer and contractor.

Included in CookTools:

  • Fan Law Calculator – Calculate new system operating conditions quickly and accurately with just a few pieces of data.
  • Sound Calculator – Calculates sound power, sound pressure and Noise Criteria from input of octave band sound data.
  • Duct Designer – Quickly calculate rectangular and round duct sizes that meet your system needs
  • Area Calculator – Computes section properties of round and rectangular shapes sections.
  • Unit Conversion – Quickly calculates the most common conversions.
  • Psychrometric Calculator – Computes pressure, temperature, dew point, humidity, and more.

From the main menu you also have access to all the Loren Cook Company social media channels and the mobile website.

Engineering Cookbook

The Engineering Cookbook is a convenient reference guide for mechanical designers.
It provides access to frequently needed information, including:

  • Fan Basics
  • System Design
  • Duct Design
  • Motors & Drives
  • Heating & Refrigeration
  • Formulas & Conversion Factors

This free guide is available in printed form from your local COOK representative or download the pdf.

Android & iPhone Applications

Engineering Cookbook is available as a free app on Google Play & Apple App Store

Android app of Engineering Cookbook has been updated. Version 1.1 now has the ability to save to an SD card, if available.

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