The Cook Legacy

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At COOK, we move air.  We’re experts at it.  Since 1941, we’ve been manufacturing quality air-moving products made in the USA.  Need a fan that moves 30 CFM, we have it.  How about 300,000 CFM?  We have you covered.

Our engineers take great care to develop robust, reliable products we would be proud to own ourselves.  Each product is put through a rigorous regimen of tests verifying aerodynamic performance, energy consumption, and long term reliability, no corners cut.  All I’s dotted and all T’s crossed so that you purchase, install and operate each COOK product with confidence.

We incorporate the best manufacturing techniques and machinery to ensure that the product is made in strict accord to our engineered design and ISO 9001 certified quality standards.

With roughly 250 products in our portfolio, our product development pace is as aggressive as ever to meet the ever-changing needs of the ventilation market.

We employ the best manufacturer’s reps in the industry to offer the highest quality of customer support and provide them all of the tools necessary to support their clients.

It’s not just about selling product.  It’s also about adding value.  We take great pride in educating our industry, continually investing and upgrading our ‘best-in-industry’ training facilities.  Those who have attended ‘COOK University’ training consistently tell us it is the best.  With Compute-A-Fan, CookTools, Engineering CookBook, Revit models, CAD drawings and more, we strive to give you the tools to make you more efficient at what you do.

COOK, YOUR air moving experts.

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