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The TMX is designed for supply, exhaust, or return air applications. Performance ranges from 410 to 24,400 CFM with static pressures to 3” w.g. The TMX is offered in 12 sizes from 90 to 330. With the Cook Contour® axial-centrifugal hybrid impeller, these mixed-flow fans are more efficient than traditional centrifugal units. This provides you the opportunity to reduce motor horsepower and fan sound levels while using a smaller unit. The TMX will replace traditional tubular centrifugal and vane axial fans in most applications. The TMX is an ideal solution for critical applications where low sound, high efficiency, or compact size are requirements.

  • The Cook Contour® mixed flow wheel combines the high airflow features of an axial fan with the pressure capabilities and static efficiency of a centrifugal blower.
  • The TMX utilizes a relatively large diameter wheel in a small housing which results in slower wheel speeds and quieter operation.
  • The TMX is more efficient than a square or tubular inline centrifugal and more economical than the QMX.
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LOREN COOK COMPANY certifies that the TMX shown herein is licensed to bear the AMCA Seal. The ratings shown are based on tests and procedures performed in accordance with AMCA Publication 211 and AMCA Publication 311 and comply with the requirements of the AMCA Certified Ratings Program

Type TMX is furnished standard with UL 705 & cUL 705 listing (Power Ventilator/ZACT) when furnished with factory supplied motor.


Inline Blower
Low Pressure

  • Adjustable mounting feet on all horizontal units allows the motor position and floor/ceiling orientation to be easily adjusted in the field without additional parts or welding.
  • Universal mounting brackets are included on both the inlet and discharge of vertical units to allow for ceiling or floor mounting in either an upblast or downblast configuration.
  • Lifting lugs are integrated into mounting feet.
  • Access door is standard.

Description: Fan shall be a belt driven, tubular mixed-flow inline blower.

Certifications: Fan shall be manufactured at an ISO 9001 certified facility. Fan shall be listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL/cUL 705). Fan shall bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Seal for Sound and Air Performance. Performance shall be licensed for both inlet and outlet sound.

Construction: The fan shall be of bolted construction utilizing corrosion resistant fasteners. Housing shall be minimum 14 gauge galvanized steel. Straightening vanes shall be included to assure maximum efficiency and low noise levels. Adjustable motor plate shall utilize threaded studs for positive belt tensioning. Extended lube lines shall be furnished for lubrication of fan bearings. Lifting lugs shall be provided for ease of installation. Adjustable mounting feet shall allow field adjustment of motor position. Unit shall bear an engraved aluminum nameplate. Nameplate shall indicate design CFM, static pressure, and maximum fan RPM. Unit shall be shipped in ISTA certified transit tested packaging.

Wheel: Wheel shall be constructed of 100% aluminum, non-overloading, high efficiency mixed-flow type. Contoured single thickness blades shall incorporate 3-D curvature for maximum efficiency across the entire surface of the blade. Wheel shall including a precision machined cast aluminum hub. Hub shall be keyed and securely attached to the fan shaft. Wheel shall overlap an aerodynamic aluminum inlet cone to provide maximum performance and efficiency. Wheel shall be balanced in accordance with AMCA Standard 204-05, Balance Quality and Vibration Levels for Fans.

Motor: Motor shall be Nema design B with class B insulation rated for continuous duty and furnished at the specified voltage, phase and enclosure.

Blower Shaft: Blower shaft shall be AISI C-1045 hot rolled and accurately turned, ground and polished. Shafting shall be sized for a critical speed of at least 125% of maximum RPM.

Bearings: Bearings shall be designed and tested specifically for use in air handling applications. Construction shall be heavy duty concentric locking regreasable ball or roller type in a cast iron pillow block housing selected for a minimum L10 life in excess of 100,000 hours at maximum cataloged operating speed.

Belts and Drives: Belts shall be oil and heat resistant, static conducting. Drives shall be precision machined cast iron type, keyed and securely attached to the wheel and motor shafts. Drives shall be sized for 150% of the installed motor horsepower.

Product: Fan shall be model TMX as manufactured by LOREN COOK COMPANY of Springfield, Missouri.