VFCPC – Custom Pressure Controller

The Vari-Flow Custom Pressure Controller (VFCPC) provides customizable pressure control.


  • Modulate fan speed based on differential pressure
  • Output 0-10VDC signal
  • Setup is configured via push button menu
  • Large industrial NEMA 3R cabinet houses all components
  • Controller with LCD display
  • Real- time pressure and motor operating percentage readings displayed
  • High and low pressure port via 1/8″ barbed fitting connection on outside of enclosure
  • Customizable pressure when over VFPC range



Housing Material NEMA 3R Enclosure


Mounting Surface mount
Power 115-volt
Output Signal (1) 0-10VDC
Dimensions 12.25 x 12.25 x 7 (WxHxD) in