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Software Engineer

Job Description

We are expanding our in-house technology team and are looking for an experienced front-end web developer.  You can help us architect, build and maintain our new product selection, configuration, and ordering software. Your contributions will be immensely valuable and instantly visible.

About You

  • You care about the software you write and you have a passion for what you do which you can demonstrate through your actions.
  • You have an eye for software design learned from experience, reading, and experimentation. You can eloquently express these lessons to others.
  • You know what it takes to deliver production-ready software, from experience.
  • You care about being part of a team and your team's success.


The Role

Our team is self-organizing and highly autonomous. You'll work directly with the Project Owner and your peers to gather requirements, plan sprints, negotiate features, and ultimately implement and deliver software on a bi-weekly release cadence with yearly milestones. This role will require a huge amount of teamwork and professionalism, as well as a bit of flexibility.


Technologies You'll Use

Our front-end is built using Angular and TypeScript and interfaces with an ASP.NET Core back-end built in C#. Although not required, we would prefer candidates with experience using:

  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • RxJS
  • HTML
  • Less CSS
  • Git
  • Azure App Services
  • Azure DevOps

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