Roof Mounted Hooded Propeller Filtered Supply Fan - Aluminum Propeller

Vari-Flow ControlsAMCA

Extruded aluminum propeller axial, filtered supply unit. Belt or direct drive, curb mount, hood style unit. Commonly used in a variety of commercial to industrial applications to supply filtered air against low resistance. Unit’s design meet ASHRAE 62.1 guidelines for intake hoods.


  • Welded base assembly with structural pipe power assembly
  • Welded curb cap corners
  • Galvanized hood with motor access
  • Cast regreasable bearings (Belt Drive)
  • Washable 2 inch filters
  • Optional filter media, fiberglass or polyester


  • Housing Material: Steel
  • Finish: Lorenized ™
  • Ventilator Type: Fan
  • Impeller: Axial
  • Bearings: L-50, over 200,000 hours


  • Mounting: Roof (Curb Mount)
  • Drive Type: Belt Drive
  • Motor: AC
  • Max Operating Temp (Standard Construction): 180°F
  • Speed Control: VFD, Vari-Flow, SimpliDrive
  • Flow: Supply
  • Filtration: Filtered