Mixed flow, Contour wheel, in-line, curb mount, laboratory exhaust unit. Unit has a minimum height of 10 feet. Unit is paired with a high dilution, high plume, induced flow Vari-Plume (VP) nozzle. The premier choice for hospitals, research laboratories and the pharmaceutical industrial. Available with mixing box arrangements for single fan or multiple fan and (N + 1) operation. Available with optional seismic (OSHPD) certification.


  • Full welded wheel and housing
  • Lifting lugs
  • Cast regreasable bearings
  • VP induced flow nozzle
  • Standard construction meets AMCA Type ‘C’ spark resistant construction
  • 10 foot unit design rated for 125 MPH without guy-wires
  • Bifurcated unit with easy-out motor available
  • Available with isolation mixing box for damper installation
  • Mixing boxes available and can be arrayed for multiple unit installation



Housing Material
  • Steel
  • Finish Phenolic Epoxy Powder with UV topcoat
    Impeller Mixed Flow
    Bearings L-50, over 200,000 hours


    Drive Type
  • Direct Drive
  • Belt Drive
  • Motor
  • AC
  • PM
  • Max Operating Temp (Standard Construction) 180°F
    Max Operating Temp (Alt. Construction) 300°F
    Speed Control
  • VFD
  • Vari-Flow
  • SimpliDrive
  • Flow
  • Exhaust
  • Accessories & Vari-Flow Controls