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Triton steel propeller, welded housing, axial unit. Upblast, belt or direct drive, curb mount unit with butterfly damper doors. Commonly used in a variety of commercial to light industrial exhaust applications at higher flows with lower static pressures compared to traditional centrifugal. Welded design is more robust choice compared to other upblast, propeller axial unit with the motor out of the airstream. Available with optional UL Smoke Control Listing.




Housing Material
  • Steel
  • Finish Lorenized ™
    Impeller Axial
    Bearings L-50, over 200,000 hours


    Drive Type
  • Direct Drive
  • Belt Drive
  • Motor
  • AC
  • Max Operating Temp (Standard Construction) 180°F
    Max Operating Temp (Alt. Construction) 500°F
    Speed Control
  • VFD
  • SimpliDrive
  • Flow
  • Exhaust