Triton Steel Propeller Tubeaxial Fan

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Triton steel propeller, axial unit. Belt or direct drive, duct mount unit. Commonly used in a variety of commercial to light industrial exhaust applications at higher flows with lower static pressures compared to traditional centrifugal or mixed flow applications.


  • Fully welded housing
  • Flange for duct connection
  • Propeller installed with setscrews


  • Housing Material: Steel
  • Finish: Lorenized ™
  • Ventilator Type: Fan
  • Impeller: Axial
  • Bearings: L-50, over 200,000 hours


  • Mounting: Roof (Rail Mount), Ceiling/Suspended, Duct Mounted/Inline, Floor
  • Drive Type: Direct Drive, Belt Drive
  • Motor: AC, PM
  • Max Operating Temp (Standard Construction): 180°F
  • Max Operating Temp (Alt. Construction): 300°F
  • Speed Control: VFD, Vari-Flow, SimpliDrive
  • Flow: Supply, Exhaust
  • Filtration: Unfiltered
Made in the USA

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